MISS IS MR [miss is mister]

As an illustrator at heart, MISS IS MR likes to imagine things on a large scale. She projects her poetic gaze onto the world with her markers and brushes. Mainly through murals, she decorates interior and exterior spaces with meaningful graphic compositions, immersing herself in places, their history, materials and colors. Drawing on a mixture of styles, ranging from very refined to psychedelic, she designs unique works according to her perception of spaces. Her graphic lines reflect her own explorations of the message to be delivered, just like a maze. Sometimes guided towards the smallest features, you will feel immersed by the aesthetic details and references in the story she is telling. Sometimes wandering along a fleeting line, you will find yourself dreaming of a more lyric interpretation.

After many personal experience around the world, MISS IS MR continues a more personal journey from the capital of the Alps. Raised throughout Eastern Europe, she then moved between Spain, Denmark and Canada to study business and graphic arts. First taken on board by several startups in order to create their visual identity as well as their strategy, she then opted for the more meaningful path by dedicating herself entirely to her artistic endeavours. She now works from La Dżungla, her art studio in the heart of Grenoble. She brings her creative impulses to life and supports a wide range of projects in their graphic dimensions. She uses her drawings to capture sensations, convey messages and tell unique stories. Let her imaginary lines transport you!

Text by Anne Lasseur, director of the Saint-Laurent archaeological museum in Grenoble


"RELIEFS" exhibition - HONO Coffee House, Grenoble, France 2024
"Chemins Occultes" mural art - Musée Archéologique Saint Laurent, Grenoble, France 2023
"Playlist" exhibition - LA DZUNGLA - Grenoble, France 2023
"Fleurs Sauvages" exhibition - LA DZUNGLA - Grenoble, France 2022
"Identiterre" book launch - LA DZUNGLA - Grenoble, France 2021
Solo exhibition "Rebelote"  - Café Zimmerman - Grenoble, FRANCE 2019-2020
Collective exhibition Petit Shirt - Grenoble, FRANCE 2019
Collective exhibition iskn  - La Belle Electrique - Grenoble FRANCE 2016
RAW Artists Vancouver Exhibition - Vancouver 2013




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